CECE + TAME was founded by Arrica Afton, a born Houstonian. “ I wanted to create and build a safe place where those who have went through a traumatic experiences could learn to heal by expressing their creative talents”.

I have had to overcome several traumatic experiences throughout my lifetime and was not able to discover until I was a grown adult that, most of the things I lived through were not “normal”. That had a huge impact on my life and my choices. At one time, they molded a certain version of who I was.

I always loved working in the arts, designing and creating. I think it was always very therapeutic for me and over the years I was able to turn my passion into a business.





It started out as a little personal healing project after my daughter’s recovery began from her burn accident. This event was very traumatic for our entire family. To this day, I am so amazed at her physical perserverance and the strength of children. There is something you learn from traumatic situations like this that physical and mental strength are two different things. This is when I began the journey of educating myself and researching trauma.  

This is when CECE + TAME was launched, named after my children.

Now we use fashion to tap into and discuss the uncomfortable and avoided topics. Fashion is an international language; we knew everyone would want to channel into. So we decided it was the language we would use to bring awareness to subjects that cause trauma and life long effects.

Over the year we have created some pretty cool pieces. Our customers have been so supportive as we have grown and worked out all the little kinks of a "Creative Business". 

I wanted to create a brand that was all about giving back, helping others and was going to represent me to the fullest. The most important thing about the brand is that we only use vintage or recycled textiles. We are very conscious of the fashion foot print. As we continue to grow our goal is to be able to produce all products here in the states and give the opportunity to women, and the displaced to be able to earn a living while they perfect their talent and skills.

We truly believe you rise by lifting others.