What are you investing in?

INVESTING IN FRIDAYS, that’s where I’m putting my time in!

What are your Friday’s like?

With my oldest about to venture off into college and the youngest’s last year before school, I’m really in my feelings lately.

All bitter sweet of course! Growth is apart of life. We all want to have a piece of mind when our children are not in our presence. So how can we insure that’s going to happen. Honestly, you can’t!

You have to invest the time with them. Nurture their ability to make sound; positive choices. Teach them right from wrong. Educate them on respect. Self respect and respect towards others.

My teenager doesn’t always want to spend time with me... very common as most parents can relate. I’ve learned however it’s important that she knows I still want to spend time with her.

Teacher siblings that no matter the age gap, it’s important to set aside time for each other and your family.

My Friday’s have turned into Family night. There is no other place I would rather be on a Friday evening than with my family.

We are trying to mix it up each week so they really look forward to it.

Let your family members take turns on picking the activities or what you will do.

Invest in your Friday’s, invest in your family.