We are taught from such a young age to apologize for our mistakes or hurting someone’s feelings and when someone apologizes to us we should say ok and forgive them. 

It is rare that we are taught to forgive ourselves. We spend our entire life forgiving others and we do not acknowledge our own forgiveness. The impact that has had on our own lives is so significant. If we stopped to forgive ourself where would we be? How would we behave?

Women specifically are constantly apoligizing- FOR NOTHING!  

 ”I’m sorry I couldn’t get to the phone fast enough” “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you this weekend” “I’m sorry you did’nt like the food” “I’m sorry it’s hot outside”

Yes, we literally apologize for things we cannot even control.


We need to stop doing this. Be confident in your daily choices and the life you are creating. 

Forgive yourself for not being perfect. Forgive yourself for not be available 24/7. Forgive yourself for mistakes past and present and move on.

How do we expect others to forgive us if we cannot even forgive ourselves?

 Trust in yourself that if you knew better you would do better! So stop holding on to who you were and what you use to do! It’s not you anymore, forgive yourself.