I have always been so fascinated with plants and flowers. How they smell and grow.

When I was 4 I remember finding this huge bright orange flower. It was so gorgeous i remember thinking if must taste amazing. I was vomiting on the side of the house when my mom found me, I was sick all day... I still remember the taste.

There is a famous quote:

” If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and ceases to be what you love.

So if you love a flower, let it be. 

Love is not about possession. 

Love is about appreciation. “ 


So why is it when we see beautiful flowers, the first thing we want to do it pick it? Smell it? 

Studing horticultural as an adult I learned so much about plants and how many diffeeeng species there are. How they adapt to their environment and surroundings sometimes. You wouldn’t believe how many different types of species there are for just one type of flower. 

Take Ivy’s for instance- I can’t even begin to count how many ivy species exist. There are ones that are used for healing holistically, some that smell so alluring they literally seduce you. There are ivy’s that help clean the air and even poison ones.

Poison Ivy for example- It’s really a beautiful plant. Very attractive, vibrant & sturdy. At the same time, one slight brush against this plant and you are covered in the most uncomfortable situation ever. For some even life threatening. It consumes your entire body. 

Life has taught me so many things about people. We really are just like plants and flowers.

We feed off of energy and plant our seeds as we wish sometimes and watch ourselves grow. Sometimes we run into poison ivy and it completely consumes us and we become so sick at times nearly deathly ill. 

Take the rose, it so elegant yet it has thorns. Does that make the rose seductive? That is lures the helpless and is the enemy or does that make the rose this beautiful creature;  that has learned to use its self for protection. 

Depending on the experience one has with the rose.... one could say it stabbed them; while the other could say purely the essence alone brought the best light to their life. 

The environment around each species can mold that particular plant into something completely different. 

Humans are just the same. Our surroundings and circumstances change us daily. 

We just want the beautiful full bloomed flower. We don’t care how it reach that stage, we probably wouldn’t have wanted to invest the time to nurture it, water it, groom it nor protect it from all them the weeds around it. 

Why is it that we want it so bad so easily yet we are not willing to put the work in for it along the way.

I say if you can’t help the flower bloom, don’t pick the flower.


“the universe took its time on you

crafted you to offer the world something different from everyone else

when you doubt how you were created

you doubt an energy greater than us” 

  irreplaceable - Rupi Kaur

 irreplaceable - Rupi Kaur