Aligning with Greatness

Greatness…what is greatness? Can you label it? Define it?

I think everyones greatness is defined differently.

What one is trying to accomplish and achieve in life can be very different from others; I do not think you can judge their greatness and maybe you can not even understand it.

Your ideology of greatness maybe so small to their idea of greatness and yet it makes you feel as if you have conquered the world.

Let me share a story with you.

I knew these two individuals who’s paths crossed one day. Both very similar in their situation, yet they had traveled very different routes to reach to that situation.

They were presented with many obstacles they would have to overcome and some days felt worse than others. It wasn’t all bad, there were great moments along the way too.

These two ended up becoming the best of friends. They were able to confide in one another and could relate to the others circumstances at the time. They brought comfort to each other lives. Their lives almost began to blend at one point.

Over time, as days past, there was something occurring that neither one of them paid attention to. While they were both working on themselves and trying to accomplish their goals in life they were drifting apart. Nothing significant had occured to cause these two to argue or part as friends, it was just that their goals for greatness were different.


While one felt broken and jailed by the struggles and circumstances the other found it humbling and an eye opener to what was truly important to them. Their views on greatness was very different after their experiences, they had almost switched places from when they had first met.

Life is a push and pull; a give and take. Choose what you can truly live with out and what is important enough for you to keep. You will lose a few along the way while aligning yourself with greatness. That is okay, for they too may be on their own journey to their greatness…just a different way.

Find your way...