I recently went searching for new (used) fabric and decided to bring a friend along. When we pulled up to the thrift store they were in shock.

 "What are we doing here"? I said, "We are going shopping!"

They thought I was crazy. When I explained my process, they still were not convinced. 

Now, I was't always a cautious shopper...I used to be obsessed with retail shopping. I still have a huge passion for shoes..but what women doesn't.

Over the years and through life lessons and experiences I realized IT'S JUST CLOTHES. They fade, they go out of style, get too small or too big. We stain them, snag them and throw them out. 

There we were at the end of our shopping spree, my friend was at the counter with a few things of their own. I will never forget the moment they busted out laughing when the cashier said " that will be $11.50". Still laughing they said "THAT'S IT"? 

They had at least 6 pieces of clothing. I must admit my friend could very easily walk into any retailer they wanted and purchase literally anything they please. They have actually had a very fortunate lifestyle and have worn designers their entire life. They were so shocked yet, I could tell so humbled and satisfied by the idea they they did not even spend $20.00.

I am not always shopping for pieces to wear myself. I am generally looking for that unique fabric, not found in stores today.

I drive my seamstress mad! She is always looking at me crazy when I drag my big old bag of torn and deseamed clothing in.

She is always certain it won't work.....we have a great love & hate relationship now. She hates how I am determined and I love how she master's my vision.

So I'll end this by saying, IT'S JUST CLOTHES.  I am not trying to break the bank nor throw my money away on what one considers "luxury" anymore. The older I get it seems less important. 

Don't get me wrong, I am still clearly obsessed with fashion & style...I've just learned to approach it differently.

Everything but the shoes (Target) is thrifted or upcycled. 

Everything but the shoes (Target) is thrifted or upcycled.