Living in Houston, we are so multi-cultured now it’s really still hard to believe that racism could even still exist. 

I grew up surrounded by so many ethnicities I honestly never noticed the difference in people and cultures or maybe I was just too young to realize it at the time.

Through age and experience I’ve learned that there really are so many differences based on ethnicities, circumstances, religions, cultures and age.

I’m Mexican American or as some would say latina/ chicana. I felt more connected to my mexican culture as a younger girl but as a young married woman I became connected to the middle eastern cultures. 

Similar in many ways but very different at the same time. 

My sisters are all married to different ethnicity backgrounds, we are all religiously and spiritually on a different page as well. It could be very easy for a difference of opinion to occur in minutes at one of our gatherings however with the years we’ve learned to respect the differences.  

Your way may not always be the right way and sometimes it may, there will still be those circumstances one has grown up in or become accustomed to which will still make others not understand your point or reason.

You could turn blue in the face trying to convince someone of your point of view or you can just choose to respect theirs and move on.  

Even with our own children as they grow up and become young adults themselves their opinions and ideology of certain things will change.

They have that same right to your respect, regardless of you raising them. Yes, you still need to infacise good manners, principles, values and positive behavior but you will need to understand with each year you will lose that control and they will create their own views and opinions.

 It’s ok to have differences, we were not all created the same. Learn to respect the differences and I assure you life becomes simpler and much more enjoyable.

Let’s raise our generation to love, accept and respect the differences. 

Let’s raise our generation to love, accept and respect the differences. 

I came across this amazing video while researching. I have always been extremely fascinated with learning other cultures and understanding different religions. I encourage others to take time to watch it. 

Iman Omar Suleiman, Rabbi David Stern & Saint Michael Rector Chris Girata sit down to discuss differences respectfully . 

It’s a conversation regarding Islam, Judaism & Christianity. All three gentlemen openly share their knowledge on each religion and respectfully listen and hear the others statements while laughing and sharing jokes occasionally. 


Captured by : Barbara Ponder

Stylist & Wardrobe: Arrica Afton

MUA: Sam Santana & Amber Mé Chel