Photographed by  Sofia Emm

Photographed by Sofia Emm

Photographed by  Sofia Emm

Photographed by Sofia Emm

Photographed by  Sofia Emm

Photographed by Sofia Emm


It started out as a little healing project and has blossomed into an amazing cause. Now we use fashion to tap into and discuss the uncomfortable and avoided topics. Fashion is an international language; we knew everyone would want to read it. So we decided it was the language we would use to bring awareness to subjects that cause trauma and life long effects.

Over the year we have created some pretty cool pieces. Our customers have been so supportive as we have grown and worked out all the little kinks of a "Creative Business". 

I have always loved working in the arts and creating items for myself and others and at times as a young girl found it extremely therapeutic. 

I wanted to create a brand that was all about giving back, helping others and was going to represent me to the fullest. At the time the idea came to me, my family went through a very tough hardship. One I would never want anyone to have to experience or endure ever. It rocked my world and turned things completely around. I say around and not upside down because it brought so many things into perspective for me and my family.

My kids are my pride and joy. I had my daughter at such a young age, she felt like my life partner. She grew up as an only child until my son was born. I think he added a tremendous amount of light to our lives in a very dark situation just as my daughter had for me many years ago when I had her. So for me, both of my children were the light of my life. I was blessed with them both at very significant times of my life, so I always knew one day I would create something to represent that or in memory of that.

I have always been drawn to vintage textiles and at the time, I hit the mother load of Vintage 501 Levi's. This specific type of jean and number of Levi's I learned in the industry was know as "Blue Gold". Someone advised me to watch the movie one day and well apparently they hold the value of gold! That is not what attracted me at the time. It was more of the history of actual denim. Who it was made for and why and the resilience of the material. 

Then it came to me. CECE + TAME, named after my children, would create custom denim pieces. The twist came after I saw the first few products finished. Art has always been healing for me and my daughter was an amazing artist as well. We both would tend to hit the drawing board when we were down or stressed. So, I decided then...CECE + TAME would be a healing through art denim project. We are all survivors of some type of experience. CECE + TAMEallows survivors to heal through art. Each pair of denim jeans or denim garment is hand painted or crafted by a survivor of some type of traumatic situation, big or small. Everyone deserves and needs to heal. Art is healing.

Every garment that is sold is more than just a garment, it is a stepping stone for a survivor trying to heal. Some of our artist share their stories in their art work while others just feel safe in the space amongst others who are healing as well.

Mental illness is at an all time high today and we, as humans need to acknowledge this. People must be able to feel and comprehend what they are feeling, in order to heal. No one has a right to discredit another person feelings or pain.

CECE + TAME was founded to create and build a safe place where those who have went through a traumatic experience could learn to heal by expressing their creative talents.

Healing does not mean the damage never existed, it means the damage no longer controls our lives.
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Every Garment Tells A Story

Created by survivors. Healing through art.